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What is Ncrypto project?

Ncrypto is a blockchain technology based innovation platform which helps businesses and private actors to interact with new crypto economy.

You can create your tokens easily and securely right now. Store and exchange your crypto and fiat assets. From january 2019, you will get the opportunity to trade them both in Ncrypto’s and external exchanges and EARN real money.

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Why does it make sense to invest in this project right now:


All the services except the stock market is already available for use/ resell right now

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ALL fees are nominated in NCR. The more users there are, the higher is demand for NCR, the higher is the price. Organic growth.

Why our platform

Despite the fact that blockchain technology is developing rapidly and is considered to be one of the most promising tools for the business of the future, for many people and entrepreneurs it is still unavailable.

Firstly, majority of available crypto platforms are complicated, incomprehensible and operate with rather limited services.

Secondary, the tokens’ issuing costs and ICO process attains absolutely impracticable sums of money for medium-sized business.

Besides, another requirement for all the existing solutions is the involvement of experts and programmers, which also raise expenses. We have created NCrypto platform to facilitate the work with blockchain and to make the process of ICO affordable for businesses.

For business

Making profit and encouraging investments from all over the world. We erase national boundaries for companies and private actors;

Easy issuing of crypto-trading instruments which can act as quasi currency, financial obligations/derivatives, company’s shares analogues, cumulative bonuses, forward contracts etc.

For private users

To buy and stock crypto assets, to develop their own investment package independent from state authorities and/or pension/private funds and protected by “digital crypto rights”;

This means you shouldn’t invest all your funds in one project. You can invest in 10 projects only with $100. Maybe 8 of them won’t be successful, but one or two will return your investment as in case with Apple: And you are totally independent in your decision;


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Project contest

Вышли бизнес план твоего проекта сюда до 01.04.2018
и получи до 50 000 NCR на развитие твоего бизнеса

10 best projects selected by jury members will get a chance to open a token sale for free, create a marketplace and enter the stock exchange;

Each owner of NCrypto platform wallet will get one vote token to support some chosen project. Thus, it will guarantee transparency and fairness of the contest:

Проекты для голосования будут размещены до 20.04.2019;

С 20.04.2019 по 31.04.2019 будет происходить процесс голосования;

До 10.05.2019 будет произведена выплата призовых сумм.

NCrypto objectives


By means of tokenization to give any businessman the possibility to achieve Quantum business growth.That is, to allow them to release their tokens (“ shares”) quickly, simply and efficiently and tokenize their business processes;


To simplify the work with the blockchain for ordinary users and businesses;


Provide access to platform solutions for storing, trading, managing and releasing digital assets easily and securely

What are the opportunities for NCrypto users?

Create a personal multicurrency wallet providing support for both crypto and fiat currencies;

Create your tokens (“shares”) to encourage investments (business tokenization);

Trade / exchange your assets on the built-in stock exchange;

Crowdsale (ICO) quickly and easily;

Take part in other companies’ crowdsales (ICO);

Integrate a crowdsale (ICO) page with a company or project web site.

It is absolutely safe to keep your assets and have a further possibility to make deposits.

NCrypto plans for 2019


Engage from 0.3 to 3 million users;


Carry out about 300-500 emissions of tokens for customers;


Provide NCrypto wallet owners with the opportunity to pay for purchases with liquid money (quoted cryptocurrencies including NCR) using NFC technology and mobile devices (Apple Pay and Google Pay) in all single stores where this technology is supported (contactless payment);


Issue NCrypto co-branded cards;


Obtain a financial license and to develop NCrypto fiat payment system.